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Embedded System Projects

Embedded System Product Development Projects:

As a part of this activity we have developed products that can be commercially launched in the market. We are exploring different avenues where we can transfer the technology to manufacturing partners.


Some of the products are:

[1] Data acquisition

[2] Motor control with feedback mechanism

[3] Embedded device driver for ARM board

[4] Networking of embedded system

[5] CAN protocol based data acquisition system

[6] Embedded project using Zigbee modules

[7] 16 Window Alarm Annunciator using MODBUS communication


Click on the Alarm annunciator image to read about our successful MODBUS implementation.

ARM Microcontroller

PIC Microcontroller

16 Window Alarm Annunciator


We design and develop products using microcontrollers. Our product design comprises of the following:


[1] Technical Design and implementation of a product idea

[2] Implement circuit design of the idea on breadboard

[3] Implement microcontroller programming

[4] Test the wired prototype

[5] Freeze hardware design and program as per customer requirement's

[6] Design final PCB

[7] Final implementation and testing of prototype

[8] Provide technical support for final product at customer premises.