M&N Projects success story for Pacific Microsystems










16 Window Alarm Annunciator manufactured by Pacific Microsystems




Pacific Microsystems is a Pune based company, who manufacture industrial and military grade Alarm Annunciators that are used for various applications. They have a 20 years of experience in manufacturing different electronic products that are being used in the industry.



Pacific Microsystems has developed Alarm Annunciators that catered to standard input channels. One of their prospective customers presented a requirement where communication between the input channel and the actual microcontroller on the motherboard was to be implemented using MODBUS protocol. This requirement posed a challenge as it was to be implemented for the first time.


Way forward:

At this juncture, with the aim to implement MODBUS communication in the Alarm Annunciator System, Pacific Microsystems joined hands with M&N Projects where our role was that of a MODBUS implementation consultant. We analyzed the Alarm Annunciator hardware and advised Pacific Microsystems to implement the solution.


Initial successes:

We worked on the hardware along with the engineers of Pacific Microsystems and designed the hardware based on PIC 18 microcontroller. We implemented the actual circuit on a bread board and tested the MODBUS communication and successfully transmitted data to the Alarm Annunciator motherboard. The microcontroller programming to implement MODBUS communication was tested extensively for different situations  successfully. This initial success led to design finalization of the daughterboard. We then created the actual PCB and populated it with components for final testing.



Solid Growth Path:

Our efforts of developing the hardware and writing software to implement MODBUS communication is now successful. The customer who had presented the requirement also tested the hardware and approved the design. Customer has since then placed an order for supplying the Alarm Annunciator on Pacific Microsystems. This has led to better product design and advancement in the product. We are looking at more orders for these advanced, MODBUS communication based Alarm Annunciators, manufactured by Pacific Microsystems - a solid growth path.




Role of M&N Projects:

From October 2017 till March 2018, M&N Projects Embedded System Design consultant  Ms. Charuta Sumant, worked on this project of Pacific Microsystems with a hands-on approach in different situations. She performed the following function's:


[1] Technical Design and implementation

[2] Implement design changes and test on breadboard

[3] Implement MODBUS protocol using microcontroller programming

[4] Test MODBUS protocol based communication

[5] Change hardware design and program as per customer requirement's

[6] Design final PCB of daughterboard

[7] Final Implementation and testing of daughterboard

[8] Provide technical support for final product at customer premises.



Ms. Charuta Sumant, Embedded System Design consultant of M&N Projects, led from the front to implement MODBUS communication for the Alarm Annunciator product manufactured by Pacific Microsystems. We look forward to Pacific Microsystems growing exponentially in near future.

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