Shri Mahesh Sumant & IT Logic



In the Financial Year 2016-2017, Reliance JIO (RJIO) started its PAN India operations. It launched ultra low cost services using† 4G GSM technology for both voice and data. This shook up the Indian Telecom market and all telecom operators had to lower tariffs in order to retain customers. This led to loss of revenue for major telecom operators. During this period Reliance Communications (RCOM), which was providing voice and data services, decided to stop services due to mounting losses.


Problems faced by IT Logic:

IT Logic is one of RCOMís lead vendors for providing data and voice services. Post service shut down by RCOM, IT Logic found itself in a difficult financial situation. To sustain operations they tried to align with other telecom operators like Tata Teleservices, but to their dismay Tata Teleservices also closed all voice operations and is in the process of exiting the data business.


Way forward:

At this juncture with the aim to sustain the business and induce growth, IT logic joined hands with Shri Mahesh Sumant - founder M&N Projects, where his role was that of a full time consultant. Shri Mahesh Sumant, analyzed the business and advised IT Logic to take up channel partnership of state owned telecom leader BSNL. Shri Mahesh Sumant actively took part in communication with BSNL authorities on behalf of IT Logic. He held one on one meetings with BSNL officials and understood the requirements to become associated with BSNL. This resulted in IT Logic finally becoming a system integrator (SI) and Channel Partner (CP) of BSNL.


Initial successes:

Post becoming BSNL partner, IT Logic marketed BSNL products and also did last mile installations for BSNL customers. The revenue stream that had dried earlier, picked up, slowly but surely.


Shri Mahesh Sumant advised IT Logic to actively work for Government of Maharashtra and Government of India projects as well. These efforts resulted in bagging of first Government of Maharashtra order. IT Logic provided support to the Government of Maharashtra land records department, revenue ministry digitization drive for providing Ď7/12í records to all farmers and land owners in Satara district, under the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh scheme. The Satara district collector office won accolades for timely completion of data input and were felicitated by the revenue ministry of Government of Maharashtra, for innovative work practices and culture.


Shri Mahesh Sumant also advised IT Logic to become a network service provider for RF links. His efforts bore fruits as PDCC Bank, which is a leading district cooperative bank in Maharashtra, provided IT Logic with opportunities to install RF links. Along with IT Logicís installation team, Shri Mahesh Sumant installed these RF links successfully. The work was awarded at a very short notice by the bank and was completed† in record time under extreme pressure.


Post these initial successes, PDCC Bank offered IT Logic to look after their entire RF network under an AMC. Shri Mahesh Sumant strongly urged the reluctant owners of IT Logic - the brother duo of Shri. Manish Nalawade and Shri Satyen Nalawade, to take up the contract. Shri Mahesh Sumant brain-stormed on this subject with both brothers and it was decided to go ahead & accept the AMC.† PDCC Bank then signed a definitive comprehensive AMC with IT Logic.† This resulted in good revenue jump.


Shri Mahesh Sumant, provided the best day to day support & led by example. Under his guidance the IT Logic technical team became very confident in handling daily complaints. PDCC bank was highly satisfied by the commitment to service displayed by Shri Mahesh Sumant and IT Logic team that worked under him. As a result PDCC bank provided more opportunities to install new RF links. All these RF links were installed as a last mile solution from BSNL POPís. This automatically became a win-win situation for IT Logic & BSNL and PDCC bank as well.



Solid Growth Path:

Under the Government of Indiaís Digital India initiative, more and more Government departments, Government companies, Nationalized banks etc. are moving towards greater digital connectivity.


Year 2018 as proved to be a winning year for IT Logic. IT logic is now the preferred RF vendor of PDCC Bank. It has also provided† multiple business cases to BSNL. IT Logic is also gaining bigger ground and has recently bagged its first tender to install RF links for BSNL. IT Logic is also awarded another work order by BSNL to provide RF links and support for a large nationalized bank in Maharashtra state. Due to these joint efforts made by Shri Mahesh Sumant and IT Logic management team,† the IT Logic order book is full for next 5 years.


Job creation: IT Logic is now employing more and more young talented engineers to oversee its ambitious expansion.


To sum up its a new beginning for IT Logic from its earlier business profile and it now has a definite, stabilized revenue stream.


This is a huge achievement.




Role of Shri Mahesh Sumant:

From August 2017, M&N Projects founder Shri Mahesh Sumant, worked on this project of IT Logic on a full time basis with a hands-on approach and provided successful solutions. He performed the following functions:


[1]  Business and Technological decision making

[2]  Set up day to day operations of IT Logic

[3]  Visit customer sites and BSNL POPís for on the spot solutions

[4]  Installation of RF Links and service deliveries

[5]  Verbal and Email Communication with staff and higher authorities of BSNL and other customers on behalf of IT Logic

[6]  Initiate and finalize proper documentation of technical and commercial teams

[7]  Initiate and help in cloud data storage activity

[8]  Conduct HR related activities to set up a proper organization structure

[9]  Interview & Recruit staff for IT Logic

[10]  Impart training IT Logic staff and inculcate best work practices

[11]  Provide technical solutions for different problems

[12]  IT Logic Website conceptualization, design & development and hosting solution

[13]  Revenue Assurance activity

[14]  Participate in BSNL tender bids (technical and commercial consultancy)

[15]  Trouble Ticket generation software implementation

[16]  BSNL products presentation & sales effort



Summary: Shri Mahesh Sumant - founder M&N Projects, led from the front to transform IT Logic, a two decade old IT & telecom related company, into a successful telecom services company. IT Logic is on a solid growth path today.


Success story:IT Logicís dramatic turn around in the year 2018


About IT Logic:

Founded in 1999 as a LAN, WAN & wireless systems integrator, IT logic is now one of the leading company in western India. With core strengths in deployment and management of wireless/wireline networks, IT Logicís mission is to deliver high quality Network services to organizations that require 24/7 network availability.

Regd. Office: M&N Projects, 3rd Floor, Sanchit, Plot No. 16, Padmarekha Co-operative Housing Society, Karvenagar,

Pune-411052, Maharashtra, India.

Landline:020-25392711, 79605420